Courses at Technical University of Munich

  • Mobile Application Analysis (Seminar)
  • iOS and Android Security (Lectures)

Supervised Thesis Projects

Avoiding Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: an inter-contract concolic execution framework for Ethereum contracts
Master Thesis, Konrad Weiss, 2018

Data Flow Analysis of EVM Smart Contracts
(Together with Christof Torres & Florian Wendland)
Master Thesis, Ece Kubilay, 2018

Practical Symbolic Execution of Android Bytecode
Bachelor Thesis, Peter Greth, 2017

Cross-Language Control Flow Reconstruction of Android Applications
Bachelor Thesis, Michael Hesse, 2017

Bytecode-level dynamic taint analysis of Android applications
Bachelor Thesis, Alexander Küchler, 2016

Side-channel attacks against whitebox cryptography implementations on Android
Bachelor Thesis, Michael Eder, 2016

Automated and targeted execution of Android apps via bytecode instrumentation
Master Thesis, Anshul Vij, 2015

Automated Deobfuscation of Android Bytecode
(Together with Dennis Titze)
Master Thesis, Hannes Schulz

A Framework for Automated Instrumentation of Android Applications
(Together with Dennis Titze)
Bachelor Thesis, Christopher Will

A Cloud-Based Security Service for Smartphones
(Together with Philipp Stephanow)
Master Thesis, Dennis Titze

Spezifikation und Durchsetzung kontextsensitiver Sicherheitsrichtlinien mit Hilfe von Semantic-Web-Technologien
(Specification and Enforcement of Context-Aware Security Policies Using Semantic Web Technology)
Master Thesis, Hauke Wemken

Entwicklung eines Frameworks zur sicheren mehrseitigen Aushandlung von Policies in Ambient-Intelligence Umgebungen
(Development of a Framework for Secure Multi-Party Policy Negotiation in Ambient Intelligence)
Diploma Thesis, Stephan Heuser